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in our transforming  system tomorrow.

Enhance Value

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How, and for whom, will you enhance value?


One constant in our transforming health system is a growing consensus around the need to enhance value: for patients, for providers, for payors.  Value is best defined by today's "Triple Aim" goal of better care, better health, and lower cost.  However, perceptions of value often vary for patients (and caregivers) by health system access, diagnosis, disease trajectory, and preferences; and for clinicians by presence or absence of strong evidence, resources, training and incentives.


Just as these nuances govern the realm of clinical decision-making, so too must they be strategically considered in the realm of policy-making.  This requires:


•  An historical grounding in our health system's evolution,
   to better understand today's transformation.

•  an insider's staff experience with multiple stakeholders;

•  a strategic blend of advocacy, policy, and public affairs experience;

•  an experienced coalition-builder and leader;

•  a vast network of U.S. and global health policy contacts;

•  careful listening, seasoned public speaking, and meticulous writing.


Through Enhance Value, Lee Rucker provides clients with her unique, highly-respected blend of these well-honed attributes. Do you represent a health care stakeholder, an advocate, policy-maker, or other change agent who is positioning your business or
non-profit organization to optimize your triple-aim value proposition?  If so, then
welcome  to the effective, efficient, enlightened and engaging way to Enhance Value. 
Working together today, we'll make a difference to Enhance Value tomorrow.


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