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As noted in the New England Journal of Medicine: Policymakers have been advised to "systematically look across silos to consider the effects that an initiative in one sector will have on consumers in another — and on providers overall.  To do so, they must have a clear understanding of the trade-offs at hand and the interaction of multiple policies and regulations aimed at improving quality and value."


Enhance Value employs a systematic, cross-silo, multi-stakeholder approach for each client, regardless of project scope.  Enhance Value anticipates possible trade-offs up front, to enable feasibility and efficiencies for a client's own decision-makers.  Principal and Founder Lee Rucker is a results-oriented professional with decades of health policy, advocacy and public affairs leadership and staff roles with:


•  the physician-led trade group for the country's largest medical
   group practices,

•  a multinational research-based pharmaceuticals manufacturer,

•  the national professional society of pharmacists,


•  a patient safety coalition working to advance patient-clinician
   communication about the safe, appropriate use of medicines,


•  the country's largest membership organization for persons age
   50 and older.


Lee Rucker is a graduate of:

•  The University of Michigan

•  The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, School of Public Health

•  Graduate (Summer) Institutes in Epidemiology: Johns Hopkins University, Bloomberg School of
   Public Health; and The University of Michigan, School of Public Health


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  K. Baicker, H. Levy, "Coordination versus Competition in Health Care Reform," NEJM, Vol. 369, No. 9 (Aug. 29, 2013)



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