Strategic health policy consulting today, to

enhance value in our transforming system tomorrow.


PARTNERSHIPS  — Nurturing collaboration across "silos"

•  Identification of strategic partnerships,

•  introduction from a vast professional network to activate them,

•  and facilitated execution to nurture and maintain them.



•  Population health policy solutions

•  Environmental scans, strategic intelligence and analysis

•  Development of policy forums, symposia, single or multi-day conferences

•  Client representation at conferences, followed by detailed written summaries

•  Consumer/patient representation on boards, expert panels, work groups


PUBLIC AFFAIRS ­— Communicating to Enhance Value

•  Oral presentations at forums, board meetings, conferences

•  Facilitated discussion at policy retreats

•  Creation of issue briefs, articles, other messaging for policy, executive, and consumer audiences

•  Strategic pre-publication critiques of staff-developed or external policy papers

•  Research support for executive presentations, including testimony

•  Development of overall communication strategy to support policy agenda


Examples of specific capabilities listed above will be provided upon request.  Contact Enhance Value today to discuss your policy needs.


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